How to Make a Braided Leather Dog Collar?

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Are you looking to add a bit of rustic elegance to your canine companion’s look? If so, consider making a braided leather dog collar! This DIY project is easy to complete and can be customized to fit your pup perfectly. Let’s get started!

What you’ll need

1- A piece of leather ( at least 12 inches by 2.5 inches)
2- Two 8mm bits (or bigger, if you have a thick piece of leather)
3- A band saw or a hacksaw
4- A needle and thread
5- Scotchbrite

Step 1: Cut the leather into an 18-inch by 2.5-inch strip. This will be your braid.

Step 2: Take the two bits and cut a 10-inch by 2.5-inch strip from the center of the 18-inch by 2.5-inch strip. This will be your working band.

Step 3: Take the 10-inch by the 2.5-inch working band and braid it together like you would a rope. Make sure to keep the strands tight and even throughout the braid.

Step 4: Take the 18-inch by 2.5-inch strip and cut it in half, being careful not to cut too close to any of the braiding stitches. Now, take half the strip and fold it in half so that you now have a 6-inch by 2.5-inch rectangle. Place this rectangle over one end of the 10-inch by 2.5 working band and start braiding it like you did in step 3.

Step 5: When you reach the end of the braid, tie a knot in the working band and pull tight. Do the same thing at the other end of the working band. You now have a braided necklace!

Step 6: To finish, take the Scotchbrite and scrub the braid smooth.

How to make a braided leather dog collar?

If you’re looking for a unique, stylish, and durable dog collar, you’ll want to check out this braided leather collar tutorial. This collar is made from two pieces of leather braided together, so it’s extra strong and resistant to wear and tear.

You can use this same technique to make any type of dog collar you want – from simple chip-board or rope collars to elaborate harnesses. So whether your pup needs a basic restraint or something special that shows off their personality, this tutorial will help you create it!

1. Start by cutting two pieces of leather about the same size. You’ll want them to be at least a couple of inches wide and a couple of inches long, but you can make them any length you want.

2. Next, start braiding the two pieces of leather using a basic knotting technique. The more intricate the braid, the more durable the collar will be.

3. Once the braid is complete, trim off any excess material and then edge-seal the edges with a leather stainer or sealant, if desired.

4. Finally, attach the collar to your dog’s neck using a buckle or strap, and enjoy your newly braided leather dog collar!

This collar is super sturdy and resistant to wear and tear, so it’s perfect for dogs prone to chewing or pulling on their collars. Plus, the braid pattern is cool and unique, so your pup will stand out in the crowd!

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Tips for making a braided leather dog collar

Making a braided leather dog collar is a great way to show your dog some love and keep them safe simultaneously.

Here are some tips for making the perfect collar:

1. Cut a leather length that will fit your dog’s neck. You can use a ruler or a tape measure to ensure the collar is the right size.

2. Braid the leather strips together using a basic braid pattern. Remember to keep the strands tight so that the collar stays put!

3. Once you have finished braiding the leather, dye it any color you like using an old-fashioned hair dye bottle. You can also add decorative stitches to make your collar look extra special.

4. Finally, make a loop at one end of the collar and attach it to your dog’s collar with a safety pin. You can now enjoy your new braided leather dog collar!

The finished product

If you’re looking for a unique and personalized dog collar, you can make one with some leatherworking and braiding skills. This DIY dog collar is made from two pieces of leather sewn together at the edges, then braided. It’s a great way to show your pet’s personality and make them look stylish simultaneously!

To start, cut two pieces of leather of the same size. You’ll also need a needle and thread to sew the edges of the pieces together. Once they’re sewn together, it’s time to start braiding! Start by bringing one leather edge up towards the other edge, then weave it in between the stitches. After you’ve woven it in, take the thread out and pull on both ends to tighten the braid. Repeat this process until you reach the other end of the piece of leather.

Now it’s time to attach the braid to the collar. First, put one end of the braid between two holes on one side of the collar, then bring it up towards the hole on top. Put your fingers inside the hole on top and push down until you feel a bump; this is where you’ll put the other end of the braid. Repeat this process on the other side of the collar.


A braided leather dog collar is the perfect option if you want to add a bit of sophistication and edge to your pet’s look. Not only does this collar look great on your pooch, but it can also protect against dangerous situations – like wandering off-leash. Follow these simple steps to make your own braided leather dog collar in no time at all.

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