Genghis Collar

We are a Dog loving company. All products are built with Pure Buffalo, Sheep & Cow full-grain leather. These are durable raw materials assembled with premier craftsmanship & stitch with recycled thread. We are an eco-responsible company. It is our top priority to shield the environment through action. We guarantee customer satisfaction with every MAFHH INTERNATIONAL LTD. Products. 

Genghis products have been tested and reformed to ensure maximum quality and customer satisfaction. We are passionate about quality because pet safety and comfort are our main priority; rest assured, we only offer products our pets would use. Genghis Leather is a Trademark of MAFHH INTERNATIONAL LTD UK00003620785. All products of Genghis Leather are produced by MAFHH Trading (SMC PVT)LTD of Pakistan at Sialkot. Sialkot has a rich history of Pure & finest Leather hubs in the World.