How To Make a Lined Leather Dog Collar?

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Lined leather dog collars are a great way to show your pup that you love them and care about their safety. Follow these simple steps to make your own lined leather dog collar:

1. Choose the right materials:

Make sure that the material you choose for your collar is tough and comfortable for your pup. Leather is a perfect choice because it is durable and soft at the same time.

2. Cut out the pieces:

Use a ruler and a straight edge to cut out the pieces of leather that you will need for your collar. Be sure to account for the width of the buckle, as well as the depth of the hole where the leash connects to the collar.

3. Assemble the collar:

Attach one end of the leash to the buckle on one side of the collar, and then attach the other end of the leash to the hole on the other side. Make sure that everything is tight so that there are no loose ends!

What You’ll Need

First, you will need a piece of leather at least 1 inch wide and 12 inches long. You will also need a needle and thread, an iron, and a dog’s neck size.

To make the collar, the first measure around the dog’s neck where you want the collar to sit. Make a mark on the leather where you measured. Then sew the edge of the leather around the mark. Next, fold the excess leather up so that it forms a loop. Sew this loop together at the top. Turn the collar right-side out and press it down firmly. Finally, iron the folded-up edge of the collar to create a lined look.


1-Leather collar
3-D-ring (optional)

How to Make It

Making a lined leather dog collar is a great way to show your dog that you love them. The collar is a great way to keep your dog safe and comfortable. You can make the collar in any size or shape you want. The steps are simple and easy to follow.

1. Start by measuring your dog’s neck using a flexible ruler or a piece of string. Make sure to include the space between the dog’s neck and the base of its skull.

2. Cut the leather tanning material to the correct measurement. Be sure to measure Twice!

3. Trace your dog’s neck with the tanning material using a ballpoint pen or pencil. Be sure to make a tight seal so the collar won’t come off.

4. Cut out the traced circle with a pair of scissors.

5. Sand the edges of the cutout circle until they are smooth and even.

6. Apply a coat of leather cream to the inside of the cutout circle, followed by a coat of horsehair glue. Allow the glue to set for at least an hour before attaching the collar to your dog’s neck.

7. Slip the collar over your dog’s head and gently adjust the straps to fit snugly around their neck. Make sure the buckle is in the front so you can easily fasten and unfasten the collar.

8. Give your dog a pat on the back and enjoy their new stylish collar!

Tips for Making a Lined Leather Dog Collar

Learning how to make a lined leather dog collar is a great way to show your dog some love and protect them from potential injuries. This DIY project can be done with just a few simple supplies, and it’s a great way to keep your dog stylish and safe simultaneously!

To start, you’ll need a piece of leather at least 2 inches wide and 1 inch thick. You can also use a piece of cloth or fabric for this project if you have no leather available. Next, you’ll need to cut out the desired shape for your dog collar using a pair of scissors. Be sure to leave enough room around the edges of the collar so you can sew it together later.

Once you’ve cut out your collar, you’ll need to start sewing it together using a needle and thread. Make sure that the seams are straight and consistent throughout the entire collar, and be sure to press them down once they’re finished. Once everything is sewn together, you’ll need to polish the edges of your collar with a leather strop or sandpaper to create a smooth finish.

Now that your lined leather dog collar is finished, you can proudly show it off to our dogs and enjoy their adorable reactions!

Lining the Collar

If you’re like most dog owners, one of your favorite accessories is a well-fitting leather collar. A lined collar is a great way to add extra style and protection to your dog’s neck. Here’s how to make a lined leather collar:

1. Cut a piece of heavy-duty thread equal to the circumference of the desired collar.

2. Sew the thread around the circumference of the collar, making sure to backstitch at the beginning and end. Be sure not to sew through the fabric!

3. Trim the excess thread off of the collar. You now have a lined leather collar!

Tip: If your dog tends to chew on their collars, consider adding a layer of padding between the thread and the collar’s fabric. This will help keep the collar from being damaged or destroyed.

Making the Snaps

There are several ways to make the snaps for your lined leather dog collar. You can use a safety pin, paper clip, or any other thin, sharp object that will fit through the belt loops and into the snap. The important thing is that the snap is sturdy enough to hold the leash in place but can also break easily if needed. Find a snap that is at least 1 inch wide and 2 inches long.

To make the first snap, thread the thin object through the belt loops and then through the snap. Pull tight to secure. Make the second snap in the same way.

To make the second snap, thread the thin object through the belt loops and then through the snap halfway. Hold on to the end of the thin object and pull tight to secure.

To make the third snap, thread the thin object through the belt loops and then through the snap. Hold on to the end of the thin object and pull tight to secure.

To attach the leash to the snaps, thread the leash through the hole in the middle of each snap.

Finishing Touches

Lining a leather dog collar is one of the final steps in making your new collar. The lining is a process of sewing the inside of the collar with strong thread to make it durable and comfortable for your pooch. There are a few different ways to line a collar, so choose the one that will work best for you and your dog.

One method is to use a straight stitch and sew along one edge of the collar. Be sure to backstitch at the beginning and end of the seam to make it as durable as possible. Another method is to use a zigzag stitch, which will create a more intricate design on the inside of the collar. For both methods, be sure to fill any holes or gaps in the stitching with stitches that are close together.

Once you have completed the lining, it’s time to attach it to the outside of the collar. Start by securing one end of the lining piece to an edge of the collar, feed the rest of the lining through the hole, and pull tight. Stitch around the entire circumference of the hole, being sure not to leave any loose ends. Once you’re finished, trim off any excess fabric, so your dog’s collar looks neat and professional.

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