Why Leather Collars and Leashes are Important for Your Dogs?

Leather Collars and Leashes

Leather Collars and Leashes, Your dog’s collar and leashes are something more than a fashion symbol. Choosing the right choice is one of your most critical selections. There’s an endless array of fabrics, types, sizes, and colors to choose from, but we agree that leather dog collars are perfect for your dogs and cats. Numerous pet owners go for premium leather collars for their pets.

As leather is a natural substance, it is less annoying than any other artificial material. Few owners don’t believe their dogs will get soaked when wearing a leather leash, but that’s not the case. As long as the leather is handled carefully, a leather collar can withstand moisture and last more than an expected time. Consider using leashes for dogs and cats.

Advantages of Leather Collars and Leashes:

Let us look over the advantages of leather collars and leashes.

Leather Collars:

The leather collar can come under your budget.

• They are strong and long-lasting safety objects for your pets.

• They come in many different sizes, styles, and color combinations.

• You can easily find a matching leash with a leather collar.

• They are easily cleanable, which is the most vital benefit of a leather collar.


• The leash may deter a dog from running into trouble by chasing cars or bicycles.

• A robust technique to teach dogs since words are not enough, and commands combined with a slight leash tug are an excellent way to perform training sessions effectively.

• Helps deter collisions because dogs like to chase objects, and a leash will deter them from doing it again.

• Reduces the chance of missing the dog in a busy environment.

buying a dog collar
buying a dog collar

Safety tips:

Right size:

The size criteria can change over time as the pet grows. It is also a good idea to keep a note of your pet’s neck size so that you can change it immediately when there is a change in size.

Take Good Care of Healthcare:

Collars and leashes must be well-washed because leather can easily absorb dust. Leather collars may get sticky due to the natural oil in the dog’s hair. It should be cleaned with soap or detergent to prevent contamination with the germ.

Chained Collars are not a Safe Idea:

Shiny chains may look fashionable but are only appropriate for grown-up dogs. Little pups and kittens cannot bear weight, and chains can harm their throats. Always choose a collar made of soft cloth for tiny puppies and kittens.

Contact Details:

Don’t miss placing your contact details on your pet’s collar tag. It will help you to find out your pet if you lose it. You can get in trouble if you don’t place an ID tag. So, you better take care of that. Premium leather collars and leashes are available for your dogs and cats at www.genghiscollar.com.

We are working for the safety of your pets. Our range of sizes, types and fabrics ensures you can select a mix of craft handmade collars and leashes from one platform. We’ve got a range of sturdy and trendy leather leashes, we’ve got it. Each leather collar & leash has unique attributes and benefits, so it’s vital to make a selection depending on your pet’s preferences.

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