Complete Review of Timberwolf Organics Dry Dog Food

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“Pet foods the way nature intended.” This is the philosophy behind the dog foodcreated by Timberwolf Organics which abides by the creed, when producing its pet foods, that correct canine nutrition can be found in ancestral dietary habits.

With headquarters in Windermere, Florida, Timberwolf Organics Inc. has produced commercial canine food since 1995, and has specifically researched and created formulas that mimic what a dog would eat if living in the wild, but with the convenience of bagged dry dog food.

To their credit, and unlike many competitors in a very crowded industry, Timberwolf has not had their products plagued by recalls nor do they appear on theFDA recall website which in itself is a testimonial to product quality.

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Unique Recipe Ingredients

Quite a few of the protein sources used in the Timberwolf foods are unique. Rather than the standard beef or chicken menu, you find venison, elk, buffalo, bison, salmon, whitefish, and herring among others. Meat or meat meal are primary ingredients in all recipes, and in grain-free formulas, potatoes are substituted for traditional grains. This is an important option for canines with allergies or food intolerances.

In dog food formulas containing grains, you may also find sweet potatoes, pumpkin, barley, millet, and oats as sources of carbohydrates. Timberwolf makes it a point not to use corn gluten meal, soy, simple carbs, sugars, BHT, BHA, or ethoxyquin in its pet foods. Generally speaking, the company does not include ingredients known to cause food allergies, however, a glance at the ingredient list is always advisable if your pooch has any sensitivities or special dietary needs.

Timberwolf Dog Food Recipes

Timberwolf currently offers five varying dry dog food recipes:

Timberwolf Legends Black Forest

This recipe was created for canines with allergic reactions to other commercial dogfoods. Designed to eliminate skin conditions caused by the accumulation of toxins or allergies, it contains foods like fresh deep-sea cold-water salmon, lamb meal, whitefish, and New Zealand lamb together with a blend of herbs, legumes, seeds, and prebiotics.

Timberwolf Legends Dakota

Mimicking wolves’ natural hereditary diets, buffalo meal is a star protein in this recipe. Ingredients include fresh salmon, fresh lamb, herring meal, whitefish meal, and a generous number of carrots for fiber and antioxidants. The recipe rounds out with gluten-free carbohydrates thanks to the addition of sweet potatoes. As a grain-free recipe with no grain fillers, it is an ideal choice for pets with allergies and food intolerances, as well as puppies and dogs with health issues.

Timberwolf Legends Wild & Natural

Ideal for canines that reside in areas with extreme climate conditions and are working dogs, this recipe contains a minimum of 50% of chicken and fish meals. The remaining 50% contains herring, salmon, chicken liver, and fresh chicken. Along with these sources of protein, your pooch will enjoy the benefits of nutritious flaxseed, cold water Sardine fish oil, chicken fat, and L-carnitine.

Timberwolf Legends Wilderness

The principal ingredient in the Wilderness line is lamb. Sourced from New Zealand’s lamb herds that are raised in open fields and grass-fed, both fresh lamb and lamb meals are included in the recipe. And as if this weren’t sufficient, Timberwolf adds to protein sources with fresh salmon and whitefish meal. Other nutrients include pumpkin for fiber, dehydrated organic kelp, minerals, and probiotics for digestive health. For dogs with sensitive digestive tracts, this formula merits a tasting.

Timberwolf Legends Ocean Blue

For dogsthat may suffer from sensitive stomachs, digestive issues, or senior canines, Timberwolf has developed this recipe with these dogs in mind. With a formula that contains ocean fish, herring, and salmon as the principal ingredients, not only will pups benefit from seafood as a protein source, but they’ll find more ease in digesting their food. Blended into the seafood proteins are organic kelp for fiber, fruits, and vegetables for vitamins and minerals, as well as herbal extracts.

All Things Considered

Apart from the interesting and unique dietary formulas that Timberwolf has created, and the company’s attention to dietary needs and potential health issues, if there is a drawback, it might be the price. Their prices are not out of range when compared to other high-quality organic pet foods and are warranted considering the ingredients used. Nonetheless, they may not be for everyone’s wallet. The company has attempted to facilitate customers on more limited budgets by introducing combo packs that offer discounts to allow for a wider customer base.

Companies promoting the ancestral diet maintain that variety in the diet is of primary importance, as ancestral wolves would not have eaten the same prey or meal daily. Apart from boredom, it is most likely that not all nutritional needs of the species would have been met, otherwise. The Timberwolf products function nicely in a rotation diet for your dog.

Timberwolf Dog FoodPros:

·       Replicates an ancestral species-appropriate diet

·       High-quality ingredients

·       Healthy formulas

·       Variety

Timberwolf Dog Food Cons:

·       More expensive

The Bottom Line

Your beloved canine BFF deserves the best, so budget permitting (and check out those discounts!) TimberwolfOrganics dog foods deserve a trial. After all, the final “woof” belongs to your dog.

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