Genghis Review: Petlibro Automatic Pet Feeder

Petlibro Automatic Pet Feeder

Fortunately, Petlibro’s automatic pet feeder is the solution. They offer a wide variety of automatic feeders to suit every owner’s needs. From double tray feeders to 5G enabled feeders, there will be an automatic feeder that’s right for you. But today, we’re going to talk about Petlibro’s Wi-Fi-enabled automatic feeder.

Dry dog food is the most common type of dog food given to dogs across the US. Dry food contributes to 57% of dog food sales in the US. It is an integral part of any dog’s daily diet. However, not everydogowner is always at home and able to give their dog this vital part of their diet. It’s unrealistic to expect any owner to stay at home constantly.

It’s the best automatic feeder on the market right now, and you’re about to learn why. This review will detail everything you need to know about Petlibro’s automatic pet feeder before you buy one. From what it is to its features to its downfalls, you’ll learn everything about Petlibro’s automatic feeder so you can make an informed choice.

What is the Petlibro Automatic Pet Feeder?

Petlibro sells a wide variety of automatic pet feeders with slightly different features, but they are overall reliable and effective machines. Their automatic feeders’ durability and ease of use continue to earn them widespread recognition everywhere. In particular, Petlibro’s Wi-Fi-enabled automatic pet feeder is ideal for various dog owners living different lives.

You put your dry dog food in a desiccant bag in the hopper to ensure that the food is fresh and doesn’t attract creatures or mold. Then, you can set feeding times and portion sizes through the mobile app or the machine’s control panel. You can monitor feeding times via the app and make adjustments throughout the day.

Petlibro Automatic Pet Feeder

What are the Features of the Petlibro Automatic Pet Feeder?

Every automatic dog feeder releases food at set times to keep your dog fed and happy. This is common with any automatic dog feeder. However, Petlibro’s automatic pet feeder goes several steps further with its additional, handy features.

Back-Up Battery Supply

Since automatic feeders are battery-powered, there is the risk that your automatic feeder will die during the day. This can be concerning to any dog owner because you wouldn’t want to imagine your dog left alone all day without food. However, this isn’t a problem with the Petlibro automatic feeder.

Petlibro’s automatic feeder has a backup battery supply which means your machine won’t die on you during the day. It ensures that your dog will be fed on time as the schedule dictates. Unlike other automatic feeders, Petlibro places you rdog’s comfort and your peace of mind at the top of the list.

Voice Recording Enablement

Petlibro’s automatic pet feeder has voice recording capabilities to call your dog for feeding times. You can use the feature to record a 10-second message that will attract your dog’s attention to the feeder. It is entirely customizable to your preferences and is a great way to provide your dog with comfort while you’re out all day.

This feature is handy for pet owners whose dogs are old or hard of hearing. They may not hear the clink of food against the stainless steel bowl, so that a voice recording would draw their attention more.

Wi-Fi Enabled

Unlike other automatic feeders on the market, Petlibro’s automatic pet feeder has Wi-Fi enablements that allow you to control the feeder remotely via a mobile app. You can schedule feeding times and portion sizes and check that all feedings go according to schedule. Wi-Fi enablement gives you the power to feed your pet anywhere and know they’re happy.

Petlibro Automatic Pet Feeder

Highly Clean

Petlibro’s automatic feeder places cleanliness as a priority because it keeps your dog healthy and safe. The stainless steel material makes cleaning simple, and the curved shape of the feeder prevents bacteria from hiding in the corners of the feeder.

Overall, the entire design of the machine repels bacteria mainly as the feeder is easy to take apart and thoroughly clean. The key to a well-functioning automatic feeder is ensuring that the machine remains clean and dispenses fresh and safe food. It’s an important feature that you cannot overlook.

Where Could Petlibro’s Automatic Pet Feeder be Improved?

There are many positive things to say about Petlibro’s automatic pet feeder and very few negative ones. I believe that it is a top-quality automatic dog feeder that can bring ease into your life. The only minor issue that I would bring up is the size of the hopper.

Petlibro’s automatic pet feeder has two sizes: 3 liters and 5 liters. This can limit you if you’re feeding a large dog or more than one dog. The amount of food a dog eats daily depends entirely on its size and breed, but the size of Petlibro’s automatic feeders doesn’t take this into account.

As well, the automatic feeders have specific portion sizes and deliver a maximum of 12 portions daily. Depending on your pet, this may not work for you. These are easy features to work around, such as adding manual feeds to your dog’s diet. However, the two downfalls of the Petlibro automatic dog feeder are not enough to deter you from getting yourself one of these bad boys.

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