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Human-Grade Dog Food

If you are looking for a brand of dog food that you can trust, consider Raised Right Human Grade dog food. They take dog food to a new and higher level. They come with ranching experience spanning several generations (so they know a lot about animals) and have first-hand experience in caring for pets. 

As a caring dog owner, you want to give your pooch the best kind of care. This includes providing top-of-the-notch accessories and products, but more importantly, high-quality dog food. But there is a problem. Some commercial dog foods in the market are derived from dodgy sources and manufactured using questionable processes. 

Raised Right pet foods are vet-formulated. They are manufactured in human-grade facilities, go extra lengths to maintain nutritional quality, and are bold enough to reveal the production process and ingredients sources. 

Read on and learn more about Raised Right pet foods

Raised Right dog foods are award-winning and vet-formulated

The first thing any responsible dog owner would look for is the nutritional quality of the dog food. Raised Right works with qualified and experienced vets and veterinary nutritionists to develop excellent dog food formulations. The dog food formulations consist of high protein and low carbs ingredients (often less than 5 percent carbs). 

Such a balance is crucial to keep issues like obesity and other weight-related conditions at bay. But that’s not all. Raised Right dog foods also meet AAFCO standards and appeal to your dog. The formulations are so creative that the Raised Right panel was awarded the 2019 innovation award for nutrition by the Innovative Veterinary Care Journal.

Specially prepared for your furry buddy

Award-winning dog food formulations are great. But they would only be good for your furry buddy if they were safe and maintained nutritional integrity. 

Raised Right pet foods prepare pet foods using USDA-approved human-grade processes and facilities. According to their website, every ingredient used in the manufacture of dog food passes the same standards necessary for human consumption. 

To maintain nutritional integrity, all petfood is lightly cooked using low heat cooking, which meets the USDA pathogen kill-step requirement. This process also keeps moisture levels high and maintains the nutritional integrity of the ingredients. 

The food is tested for safety and ingredients can be traced to their sources

Raised Right takes a sample from every single batch for lab testing. They check for notorious pathogens like salmonella, e-coli, and listeria and don’t release anything into the market unless it gets the green light from the lab guys. 

This may sound cliche, but here’s where Raised Right is different. You can counter-check the food safety results of every batch. You can also trace where the ingredients originate. All their ingredients are sourced from US-based suppliers apart from cod oil (Norway), kelp powder, and flaxseed oil (Canada). They have a map on their website that shows the location of their suppliers.

Variety and Pricing

The Raised Right dogfoodrange consists of 11 products. They are divided into puppy (growth) and adult (maintenance) dog food. Here is a list of their products:

Growth-oriented dog foods

  • Beef Puppy Growth Recipe
  • Chicken Puppy Growth Recipe
  • Turkey Puppy Growth Recipe

Maintenance-oriented dog foods

  • Original Turkey Adult Dog Recipe
  • Original Beef Adult Dog Recipe
  • Original Pork Adult Dog Recipe
  • Original Chicken Adult Dog Recipe
  • Turkey and Pumpkin Paté for Adult Dogs
  • Beef and Pumpkin Paté for Adult Dogs
  • Pork and Pumpkin Paté for Adult Dogs
  • Chicken and Pumpkin Paté for Adult Dogs

The main ingredients used in these formulations are: Muscle tissue, organ tissue, carrots, cranberries, spearmint, cod liver oil, flaxseed oil, eggshell, and dried organic kelp.

The pricing is average, and you can choose to buy once or set up a regular supply by subscribing. If you want a taste of the products, you can purchase a sample consisting of four, one-pound bags and pay $9.99 shipping fees for each bag. However, if you don’t want to sample, you can buy the Full Box package (consisting of 16 one-pound bags) and save on shipping fees!

Earth-friendly Packaging and Shipping

Raised Right is also concerned about the environment. According to their website, they have partnered with rePurpose Global to remove as much plastic waste from the environment as they create. They also partner with to offset the carbon emissions produced through their home delivery service through reforestation and forest preservation.

Lastly, what dogs and their owners say about Raised Right dog food

A quick check on Amazon shows that most dog owners who have bought Raised Right dog foods love them, and their dogs love them too. The dogs said they were tasty and wanted more! Dog owners said the products are nutritious and safe. They also enjoyed the buying process. Out of 26 reviewers, 50 percent gave a 5-star rating, and 21 percent a 3-star or 4-star rating!

If you want to switch, talk to a vet about it. Review the Raised Right dog food options together and pick the best for your furry buddy.

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